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These books are our earlier books with a strong Christian theme.

Into the Trenches: By Andrea Barringer

He’s a combat medic. She’s a headstrong soldier. Can their romance survive a tour of duty in the middle of war-torn Iraq? Is faith enough when combat wounds are more than skin deep?

Annelyse’s life is derailed when she discovers her boyfriend has been cheating on her. Left with a broken heart and desperate to get away, Annelyse does the most drastic thing she can think of: join the Army.

Tragedy strikes during a deployment to Iraq, completely shattering all of Annelyse’s hopes and dreams. PTSD, depression, and suicidal thoughts are the combat wounds she must endure while struggling to come to grips with the constant loss of fellow soldiers. How can the statement “God is good all the time” be true even during such dire circumstances?

Join Annelyse on this spiritual journey of hope and healing that will leave you uplifted and encouraged.

What Our Readers Are Saying

Addictive, Breath-Taking, Emotional, Realistic!

Wow, is all that I can say! The author did an excellent job at introducing the characters! With each page turn, I felt like I was living the lives of the characters. The wording and descriptions of the events taking place in each page, allows the reader to “insert themselves” into the story line. You will find yourself falling in-love with some characters, while having a love-hate relationship for others. The author does an excellent job of portraying military life, romance, family relationships, and inner-struggles, in a tasteful and tactful way. You will find yourself laughing, crying, in suspense, and overall emotional as you grow with the characters. You will find yourself in the characters in more ways than one; definitely plan to open the book when you have plenty of free time as you won’t want to put it down! The pronunciation guide at the end of the book really helps the “civilian” readers understand the military acronyms used throughout the book, definitely an excellent addition to the story line, as it allows the reader to connect to the military side of the book! I can’t wait to read more from this author, and look forward to entering into new worlds with her!

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Moving and Insightful!

Well worth the read for sure! The author does a great job of making the main character so relatable that you cannot help but laugh, cry, and be filled with the pride of a soldier and Christian. The descriptions and process of growth left me closing the book and feeling like I grew a bit myself. I have so many friends that have been in the military and I don’t think I ever understood how much they go through overseas and even coming back home. I loved how the author threaded such hope throughout the story while still allowing you to experience the hardships that the main character had to go through. I am so very grateful that the author took the time to write this book. It has impacted my life and provided insight, understanding, hope, and a deeper appreciation for those in the military. Highly recommend.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
 Fantastic Book Club read!

My book club read through this and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it! You don’t have to be military to appreciate this phenomenal story. As a bonus our group was able to have a Q&A with the author and it was such an enriching discussion! Highly recommend this fantastic read!.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Born Again: Why Christianity Is Not What You Think
By James Barringer

If someone asked you, “What does it mean to be born again,” what would you say? With humor and an easygoing conversational style, young theologian Jim Barringer examines Jesus’ teaching that we all must be “born again,” exploring the questions and implications behind the statement. Among the highlights:
“Why does God love me?” – reminding ourselves that God’s love for us is based in his goodness, not in our merit
“Why can’t I earn my salvation?” – making sense of God’s holiness in terms we can understand
“How do I live out the two greatest commandments?” – what does it really mean to love God with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to love my neighbor as myself?
“What happens after death?” – a powerful meditation on Scripture’s teaching about the new heaven and the new earth, where we will spend eternity with God.

If you’ve ever been looking for simple answers for the basic questions of our faith, or if you’re looking for a new way to explain timeless ideas to those around you, come along for the ride!

What Our Readers Are Saying

This Christian book cuts through the chase-

-and makes God’s plan to being saved simple and clear right from the bible scriptures. It is not about religion and laws, or our works that get us saved. It is about getting into a relationship with God. It is what our Lord and Savior Jesus finished on His cross over 2000 years ago. And we just need the faith in God to believe what Jesus accomplished to save us. The heart of the Christian message is that God became human. Once I started reading this small and concise book, I could not stop and read it like a hungry man looking for a feast to digest. This book is very fulfilling.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
 A Great Read!

Jim Barringer (the author) writes very clearly and succinctly about exactly what it means to be born again by God. The book is straightforward and very easy to read. I would recommend it to anyone who would like to peel away all the religious fluff found in many of today’s churches (denomination not withstanding) and learn what being a “Christian” really means..

Rating: 5 out of 5.
 A little book that packs a big punch!

This book is full of really good, need to know details laid out in an easy to follow format. I bought several copies to give to both Christian and non-Christian friends. I know Jim personally and trust that his doctrine is sound. He practices what he teaches. This will either be eye-opening or a refreshing reminder – Read It!

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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