About the Barringers

James and Andrea Barringer are a husband and wife team who both happen to be indie authors, meaning they publish their work independently. They have two children and live in the “Sunshine State.” Their writing styles are quite different from each other, but one thing is for sure; their heads are always in the clouds.

James Barringer

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Photo by Fabian Wiktor on Pexels.com

James Barringer is the author of Born Again and the Dragons of Introvertia series. He’s a teacher at a private Christian school teaching English, math, chorus and even improv. He has a seminary teaching degree and enjoys spending time with his family, playing the guitar at church and trying to scare his wife whenever she enters a room. His writing style is Christian Apologetics for his non-fiction work and optimistic, light-hearted fiction. James began reading at a young age and can devour books at lightning speed. His favorite authors are C.S Lewis, and Tolkein. James is very much an introvert and would be perfectly happy to hang out in a cabin surrounded by mountains and a starry sky.

Andrea Barringer is the author of Into the Trenches and the Brennen series. She is a U.S Army veteran. She enjoys music, painting, reading, writing and most of all just hanging out with her family. Her writing style is more gritty with a focus on strong female protagonists and displaying real life struggles her characters must endure. Andrea loves fiction novels and her favorite authors are J.K Rowling and Andrew Peterson. The beach is her happy place.

A message from James & Andrea

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